No more Scissorplanet.com!

A Loss of a great website…

Long running mixed wrestling and scissor specialist site Scissor Planet has now closed!.

A German based website first launched in June 2006 Scissorplanet has gained many fans!. Jill founder and main character in Scissorplanet has a fantastic reputation as a Domina, utilising her Jiu Jitsu knowledge makes her a formidable wrestler capable of applying many agonising holds, scissors are her speciality not to mention the amazing eye contact with the camera as she makes her victim suffer!. On Scissor Planet you would see many beautiful women applying many different agonising holds to weaker males, in video and photo format.

Last words from Scissor Planet…

Domina Jill on behalf on Scissorplanet posted a thank you and farewell on their yahoo group –


Hello guys,
today is the 16th of November 2009 and I want to inform you that Scissorplanet.com isn’t no more available!A few weeks ago I alreday post a message,that we are going offline and today is the day…
But I don’t want to go offline without writting some words to you!
We started with a vision from a website and without knowing anything about how to do this.But in the last years we find our own way to show you our image from female domination,scissors and mixed wrestling.Of course,we had a lot problems doing this,but we always tried to give our best.I am of the opinion that we have made with our work a contribution in the scissorworld which must not hide…
but sometimes this is not enough and so we say Good Bye to everybody!
I would like to thank all Girls which have turned during the years with us-you have made a good job!A thank you-squeeze to all victims in our productions-they still alive:)….special thanks to my team what has moved our wishes during all years diligently and creatively!
And a very special thanks to you guys and fans,who have supported us for years and have been members of our web page!
                                   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you sincerely all the best for the future,


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